20 May 2018
BioRES: Visions of Bioenergy Bringing Local Initiatives to Brussels


Spring 2017

Bringing Local Initiatives to Brussels 

Think global, buy local does not hold for food only. It is becoming increasingly important for energy generation and consumption, especially when describing the situation of bioenergy. It is important to remember that bioenergy is the most important source of renewable energy in Europe, having a key role to play in the future European energy mix. Most of the bioenergy consumed in Europe comes from wood resources that are locally produced and utilised. In this context the development of bioenergy depends on the willingness of local communities to use it sustainably.

To reap the benefi ts and to ensure a sustainable and environmentally sound concept, innovative projects and well-structured supply chains are required: This is what BLTCs are all about! BLTC stands for Biomass Logistic and Trade Centres, which are regional hubs linking wood supply from forest owners, saw mills and other wood producers with demand from bulk and small buyers. BLTCs organise provision, processing and dispatching of pellets, woodchips and other woody bioenergy products. These services are often complemented by heat contracting and maintenance. The focus lies on domestic market uptake with short transport distances. BLTCs assure quality and negotiate delivery contracts. Thus, a reliable service along regional value chains will develop. Such an initiative should be supported and understood. This is why we are organising a dedicated event - Visions of Bioenergy - Bringing Local Initiatives to Brussels within the scope of the BioRES project. This event will demonstrate the key role BLTCs, along with other remarkable local energy initiatives across Europe, play in local and regional energy strategies.

The local examples shown at the BioRES conference will also shed light on what the European Commission's recast renewable energy directive may imply in practice. The conference will consider the place of bioenergy in the renewable energy targets of the EU and the specific sustainability criteria that are suggested herein.

Last but not least, participants to this event will also have the chance to visit a BLTC. Not physically, but through total immersion in a 360° video. It'll be like travelling to the place…

Join the conference:
Bringing Local Initiatives to Brussels at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU on 11 May 2017

For more information and application please go to www.bioresproject.eu or contact frank.mischler@giz.de

BioRES has received funding from the European Union's Horizon2020 research and Innovation programme under grant agreement No.645994