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The publishers of European Energy     Foreword
Innovation would like to offer their
sincere thanks to all individuals     Recent NASA news stories have demonstrated water and heat movement
and organisations who have            under Greenland’s ice cap and documented the inexorable rises in both
contributed editorial images photos   atmospheric CO2 and global temperatures. There is cause for concern.
and illustrations to the magazine.
Whilst every effort has been made     Elsewhere, this year’s EUSEW Sustainable Energy Awards feature a range
to ensure accuracy of the content,    of innovative decarbonisation strategies. Arguably, the Czech project offers
the publishers of European Energy     the greatest prospect of future benefit through its encouragement of more
Innovation accept no responsibility   energy-efficient architecture. Meanwhile, the opening of the £1Bn Walney
for errors or omissions.              Extension makes 659 MW Walney Offshore Wind Farm the world’s largest.
                                      Fortunately, there is also cause for optimism.
The contents of European Energy
Innovation are protected by           In our feature on Denmark, we are delighted that Lars Christian Lilleholt,
copyright.                            Minister of Energy, Utilities and Climate explores the new Danish Energy
                                      Agreement. He discusses spending plans for a variety of green projects
All rights reserved.                  including wind, biogas, energy savings, lowering energy taxes, district
                                      heating, climate research and transport. Power generation has become
European Energy Innovation is         steadily greener over the last decade, and the Danish Government’s
published by:                         long-term goal is net zero emissions by 2050. Jan Hylleberg recounts the
Prologue Media Ltd                    early approach to investment in wind and how the Energy Agreement
1a Shire Lane                         envisages at least 2,400 MW from offshore turbines by 2030. Interestingly,
Chorleywood                           he highlights the potential of the North Sea to generate twice as much
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ                 electricity as Europe’s coal-fired power stations.
United Kingdom
                                      Kathleen van Brempt MEP discusses decarbonisation of transport, arguing
Tel: +44 1923 286238                  in favour of intervention in pursuit of climate and air quality objectives,       whilst “creating or preserving high quality jobs...” Among the many
                                      arguments she presents, perhaps the most compelling is that “European
To obtain additional                  automakers are investing seven times more in electrification in China than
copies please email info@             in Europe. If we are not creating a home market for these technologies, they           will eventually be imported.”

Editor                                “It is time to recognise the role European ports can play as nodes of
Michael Edmund                        energy, industry and blue economy”, says Isabelle Ryckbost. Foreseeing    the upcoming 2021-2027 EU budget discussions, she analyses the likely
                                      implications for the transport sector – €24.1 Bn, with an addition €6.1 for
Business Development Director         dual civilian/military uses.
Philip Beausire    Professor Ulrich S. Schubert, Jan Post and Pirita Lindholm discuss how two
                                      European regions are innovating sustainable energy storage solutions (for
Head of Brussels office               which, read ‘batteries’). Given the unpredictability in supply and potential
Sophia Silvert                        toxicity of conventional raw materials such as vanadium and concentrated
Mob: +32 4737 30322                   sulphuric acid, their work with salt-water based polymers offers sustainable    alternatives at household scale.

Design & Production                   We are once again very grateful to Arnulf Jäger-Waldau for a customarily                    clear, data-based article. Explaining of the benefits of rooftop PV and self
                                      consumption of electricity, he sounds warnings about growing dependence
Website design                        on energy imports over the past 25 years and the need for PV capacity to                        triple by 2030 if we are to meet Paris targets. He goes on to discuss how
                                      the rooftop surfaces of multi-apartment buildings or office buildings might
Print                                 represent a widely untapped resource. There is also a regional economic
The Magazine Printing Company,        payoff, as in the Podlaskie region in Poland.
Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
                                      The geological record clearly demonstrates that Earth’s climate is not
                                      constant. What – ironically – generates heated debate is the extent
                                      to which man’s activities contribute. Adoption of the Geological term
                                      Anthropocene by the scientific community is now gaining traction –
                                      although this is not without controversy because of political implications for
                                      the climate change debate. As long as there remains cause for concern, let
                                      us not become as distracted from our objective as Emperor Nero.

                                      For we know what happened to Rome.

                                      As always, there is more for you to read inside…

                                      Michael Edmund
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