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The publishers of European Energy     Foreword
Innovation would like to offer their  Welcome to the Summer 2018 issue, which marks this year’s instalment
sincere thanks to all individuals     of Europe’s Sustainable Energy Week. Despite is name, EUSEW is in fact “a
and organisations who have            month-long series of activities to build a secure energy future for Europe.”
contributed editorial images photos   The concept, inaugurated in 2006, is designed to bring together energy
and illustrations to the magazine.    stakeholders – public and private bodies and consumers, in order to
Whilst every effort has been made     promote energy saving and accelerate the transition towards renewable
to ensure accuracy of the content,    energy. And, once again, EEI is very proud to be a media partner for the
the publishers of European Energy     week. If you are reading this, you are sure to be interested in the debate
Innovation accept no responsibility   about new policy initiatives, or what constitutes best practice, or where to
for errors or omissions.              find networking events: visit, or, or
                                      follow #EUSEW18 for more information about this year's events.
The contents of European Energy
Innovation are protected by           Energy efficiency is a particular theme this year, so we are particularly
copyright.                            pleased to feature an article by Director General Dominique Ristori, who
                                      argues that it is a priority with a positive impact upon all Europeans.
All rights reserved.                  Some measures have already reduced energy consumption and helped
                                      consumers save money, but he anticipates an increased focus on the
European Energy Innovation is         building sector, reminding us of its energy, GHG and economic significance.
published by:                         Such initiatives, he believes, will encourage all the traditional stakeholders.
Prologue Media Ltd                    Meanwhile “Energy efficiency first is not advertising slogan”, he says, “but a
1a Shire Lane                         fundamental principle”. M. Ristori does not mince his words. Neither does
Chorleywood                           he lack belief in its importance.
Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ
United Kingdom                        Patrizia Toia MEP argues that the fourth industrial revolution is already
                                      changing how we work and live; and that it is both the cause and the
Tel: +44 1923 286238                  consequence of a revolution in energy production that makes energy       efficiency more and more important. Meanwhile, Pirita Lindholm offers us a
                                      new Research and Innovation Policy Regional perspective. Beginning with a
To obtain additional                  portentous “We live in interesting times”, she reviews priorities for ERRIN’s
copies please email info@             membership – which include Energy Efficiency and Smart Cities – before           discussing its role in this year’s EUSEW.

Editor                                Tiit Jürimäe recounts with justifiable pride the story of CleanSky’s BLADE
Michael Edmund                        project. Laminar airflow over aircraft wings can reduce wing drag by 50%    and CO₂ emissions by up to 5%, and a heavily-modified Airbus A340 has
                                      now successfully demonstrated that it can be reliably and consistently
Business Development Director         achieved under normal operational conditions. In March, he tells us, the
Philip Beausire                       project was recognised with Aviation Week’s prestigious Technology prize.
                                      We are also pleased to feature an article by Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for
Head of Brussels office               Policy Coordination and Energy, in this issue’s profile on Sweden. Energy, he
Sophia Silvert                        says, accounts for two thirds of our greenhouse gas emissions. Pointing out
Mob: +32 4737 30322                   the absolute necessity to change this habit, he suggests that addressing    climate change cannot be separated from solving energy issues. He goes on
                                      to outline his country’s ambitious policies: a 100 per cent renewable energy
Design & Production                   system by 2040 and net zero greenhouse gas emissions five years later.                    Perhaps it is no coincidence that Sweden has just unveiled eRoadArlanda,
                                      an electrified road claimed to reduce emissions by 80 to 90 percent.
Website design                        Minister Baylan is convinced that we are in the midst of an historic shift,
                                      and Sweden, he says has all the right conditions to take a leading role.
Print                                 His optimism seems well founded – and with bailout in Greece and much
The Magazine Printing Company,        larger debt problems in Italy, death in Gaza, nuclear uncertainty in Iran
Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom    and doubt on the Korean peninsula, we look forward to a little bit of that
                                      optimism spreading right through EUSEW.

                                      And there is more for you to read inside…

                                      Michael Edmund
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