ENSNARE project: Prefabricated modular façade to achieve NZEB

Winter 2023

The ENSNARE project, funded under Horizon 2020, aims to advance the renovation of residential buildings toward Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) standards by developing a systemic methodology that integrates novel technologies.
Leveraging the key contribution of the building envelope, the project focuses on a highly industrialized modular façade as a key solution. This façade incorporates advanced functionalities beyond passive thermal barriers, integrating energy harvesting, and distribution technologies.

Fully industrialised Modular and Multifunctional Envelope Mesh
The Modular Envelope is made up of an Inner Layer with the main frame, insulation, and waterproof membrane, and an Outer Technology Layer with independent panels housing active technologies. The modular façade provides adaptability and ease of replacement and maintenance tasks thanks to a plug & play connection design.

A registrable area, that can be arranged either horizontally or vertically, is also included in the module, enabling the creation of continuous tracks to interconnect the technological panels throughout the envelope.

The system allows multiple configurations by combining different active technologies as cladding, granting flexibility and versatility for various façade rehabilitation scenarios. This system is not only adaptable to the physiognomy of buildings but also to their energy demands.

A bottom-up assembly process is used and the combination of modules and their aluminium frame generates the structural mesh of the new skin. The main frame of each individual module is anchored to the existing wall by means of a hooktype element that can be precisely positioned thanks to the support of advanced digital tools.

Technology Layer
The Technology Layer integrates various active technologies, including photovoltaic, thermal solar and hybrid panels. The connection of those with the internal building’s services is achieved thanks to the registrable area. Additionally, the opening elements are also incorporated in this layer, with an optional active window element which integrates an intelligent ventilation and heat recovery system.

Validation and demonstration of the modular façade
To validate the performance and applicability of the modular façade, ENSNARE will install solutions in three pilot buildings in Bulgaria, Estonia, and Italy. The modular approach demonstrates flexibility in accommodating different building characteristics and limitations, showcasing adaptable solutions within the system’s ranges. Through this validation and demonstration process, ENSNARE aims to boost the adoption of advanced technologies in building renovations, contributing to the transition to NZEB standards.

More information:
Website: https://www.ensnare.eu/
Twitter/X: @ENSNARE_h2020
LinkedIn: @ENSNARE
Modular envelope mesh video
Informative video ENSNARE
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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 958445.