ultra-E - Electric long distance driving in Europe


Autumn 2017

ultra-E is laying the foundation stone for the construction of a full-scale, Trans-European, ultra-rapid charging network for long-range electric cars.

Between now and the end of 2018, a network of 25 ultra-rapid charging stations, each with a charging capacity of up to 350 kW, will be built along a stretch of more than 1,100 km in Europe. This network of charging stations, located around 120 to 150 km apart, will connect Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Austria along trans-European transport corridors (as part of the TEN-T program).

The stations will be equipped with CCS Combo2 plugs and offer a charging capacity of 350 kW, ideally supplementing the existing 50-kW fast-charging network. This ultra-rapid charging technology cuts the charging time for a range of 300 km to 20 minutes. This technology is also set to be tested for electric buses and trucks.

Super-fast charging is of enormous importance not only with respect to the setting-up of a charging infrastructure tailored to the needs of the mass market, but also for future developments. For instance, the project-related "Market and Business Models for Ultra Charging" study is dealing with a range of aspects of ultra-rapid charging technology.

Starting with technological developments, trends and new markets, this study also delivers important findings about consumer behavior and informs us about regulations and recommendations. As such, it serves as a solid foundation and guideline for the pilot project and unites the standards and needs of existing electric vehicles with the requirements of the latest generation of long-range electric cars.

The ultra-E project has been running since September 2016 and is being co-financed by the European Commission to the tune of €6.5m as part of the "Connecting Europe Facility" program.

The international project consortium is headed up by Allego BV, and in addition to Bayern Innovativ (the State of Bavaria's organization for innovation, technology and knowledge transfer), involves the automakers Audi, BMW and Renault as well as Magna, Hubject GmbH and VERBUND AG/SMATRICS.

Contact details:
Email: dialog@ultra-E.eu