ExcEED Project - From data to information to knowledge for better buildings


Autumn 2019

ExcEED is a research project funded by the European Commission Horizon 2020 programme, started in 2016 and standing for European Energy Efficient building district Database: from data to information to knowledge. The ExcEED consortium is composed of research institutes, non-profits and consultancies with ample expertise in data monitoring and analysis, energy systems, policy and more.

The project
ExcEED answers the need for transparency and comparability of energy performance calculations, through its buildings data platform and associated tools. Data coming from buildings is converted into information and then into knowledge to impact the four key figures in the building sector (real estate, building managers, designers and policy makers). The loop is closed with the impact that the generated knowledge has on the existing buildings and on the next generation of buildings, through improved control and design and new policies.

The ExcEED platform In June 2019, ExcEED launched its free collaborative platform that gathers, categorises, visualises and benchmarks multiple building data coming from its users. The buildings’ monitoring data uploaded by the users are transformed into knowledge with energy performance indicators, benchmarks and air quality surveys. This, in turn, benefits building users all well as other stakeholders from the building sector and civil society by improving the efficiency of their buildings.


The ExcEED platform thus offers many and diverse functionalities, including:

  • visualisation of the energy and comfort data of the building;
  • highlights of energy performance trends with several levels of resolutions;
  • evaluation of building performance through the use of 27 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs);
  • benchmarking by comparison of buildings and building clusters with similar functionalities uploaded in the platform;
  • a Post-Occupancy Evaluation survey, to get regular feedback from building occupants regarding their perception of the indoor environment;
  • a geo-clustering tool, clustering buildings according to the selected KPIs using machine learning algorithm and visualising the resulting clusters in a map.

The platform was first tested with Casa Hoval, ExcEED demonstration case and headquarters of the project partner Hoval. The nearly- Zero Emissions office features a monitoring system which continuously feeds the ExcEED platform with measured data, to keep track of the performance and provide real-time analysis.

Why contribute to the ExcEED platform?
By adding building measured data and metadata, any user can access the clustering and benchmarking tools, compare building performance with reference values using dedicated indicators able to normalise different context conditions, get a better understanding of their building’s performance and easily evaluate potential energy and cost savings.

The ExcEED platform key is a novel collaborative approach, that enables to keep data anonymous, safe and trustable, while sharing information for an overall enhancement of knowledge. As such, the benchmarking and clustering tools use anonymised and aggregated data. Also, the visualisation of buildings on the map prevent other users to identify the precise location of other buildings.

The ExcEED platform responds to the need of handling actual buildings performance, extracting knowledge to improve building stock management, and consequently design more energy efficient buildings, in the framework of the transition to a decarbonised construction industry.

Project ID: 723858
Website: www.exceedproject.eu
Project coordinator: Roberto Lollini – Eurac Research
Email: exceed_customersupport@eurac.edu