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Spring 2019

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Energy management is no longer an engineering issue, but a question of infrastructure which is based on information and communications technologies. The ultimate success depends on the ability of system and devices to securely and reliably interconnect via a network.

Based in Slovenia, our company is a leading expert in energy monitoring and management; over the last 16 years, our solutions have been recognized by energy efficiency specialists, as well as prominent corporations such as Knauf Insulation, Henkel, ETI, Goodyear, DS Smith, DUOL, and others.

Solvera Lynx’s solutions
Solvera Lynx offers innovative solutions for smart energy management (EM) based on in-house developed Software (GemaLogic) and Hardware (ComBox) solutions, also we include in our portfolio wireless LoRaWAN technology. This technology is a better alternative to the classical wired networks due to its long range, unique penetration capabilities, flexibility, easy operation & maintenance, safe & reliable data transfer. So, we focus on energy saving instead of investing in a wired network.

Our software solution is multi-sites, multi-languages, multi-utilities, and fully integrable with production and building management systems; they empower energy managers to fully benefit from Big Data applied to their installations, with advanced analytic techniques, predictive models, and state-of-the-art interfaces.


How does it work?
Transmission of the data from devices, sensors, actuators is done by our innovative wireless long-range ComBox.L® equipment, which has long battery lifetime and suitability for the harsh industrial environment. ComBox.L® sends data to the advanced software platform GemaLogic®, where all the data is gathered, processed and analyzed.


Benefits of implementing Solvera lynx’s solution
Implementation of our solution allows companies to accomplish primary EM goals: holistic monitoring of energy efficiency performance and reduction of energy consumption. Due to the introduction of new energy management system and usage of our innovative software (GemaLogic®) and hardware (ComBox.L®) solutions, the following benefits can be achieved:

  • Energy consumption reduction in the 1st year of solution implementation up to 7%
  • Analytics to identify consumption patterns, compare historical data, and predict future energy needs
  • Reduction of energy losses
  • Protection from unexpected energy consumption and alarming in case of energy consumption increase
  • CO2 emission reduction
  • Support in ISO 50.001 implementation

Competitive advantages:

  • Developing software and hardware solution in-house, so we are ready for almost any EM challenge, which requires custom-made, unique, future-oriented solutions
  • The real experience of working in the hardest industrial environments - inhospitable, with high moisture rate, extreme temperature conditions and far-spread production areas

Who can benefit from our solutions?
A wide range of business applications can benefit from our solutions: Energy & Utilities, Telecom, Oil and Gas, Factories, Building and Facilities, Industry, Agriculture, Smart City, Transport, and Logistics.

We have already provided tailor-made solutions for the following projects: smart metering (electricity, gas, water, air renewable energy), volume monitoring (fuel tanks/containers), different types of analyses (air quality, temperature, humidity), tracking/localization and machine status monitoring.


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