OCEANERA-NET COFUND: New collaborative projects in ocean energy


Spring 2021

Europe is leading the world in the development of ocean energy technologies. The Horizon 2020 funded OCEANERA-NET COFUND project aims to ensure Europe stays in the lead by supporting collaborative innovation and knowledge transfer. Three new projects have been announced under the Second Joint Call, taking the total grant funding for 12 projects to over €10m.

SEASNAKE, led by RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden, aims to provide a step change in the overall performance of a medium voltage cable system, aiming for a 20% cost reduction while ensuring high reliability and lowering the risks of ocean energy installations. The cable weight will be reduced by introducing a new type of internal armouring, allowing the cable to move with a high frequency and remain functional over a long period of time. It will be lighter, more flexible and easier to install, with a long life-time, even if connected to objects moving with the same frequency as waves on the sea. An environmentally friendly coating based on Selektope™ will minimise the external loads due to marine growth and allow for optimised operation and maintenance. The biological biocide does not kill the barnacle, instead it repels the larva, preventing it from attaching to the treated surface. The new solutions are being fabricated, tested and demonstrated in France, Portugal and Sweden. www.seasnake.eu

WEC4Ports, led by International Marine and Dredging Consultants, will build on SE@PORTS (an OCEANERA-NET project) where a novel hybrid Wave Energy Convertor (h-WEC), using air and water turbines, has been designed. Integration of WECs in port breakwaters represents a realistic solution to set these critical infrastructures on the right track in terms of pairing economic growth with green objectives. The key components and subsystems (e.g. turbines), will be built to be demonstrated in the real ocean environment, at Mutriku test site in the Basque Country, after being experimentally and numerically designed and optimised. Full-scale testing allows for assessing and improving installation, operation and maintenance procedures of these complex power conversion systems as well as obtaining realistic estimations of their performance.

EVOLVE – Economic Value of Ocean Energy – a partnership led by Aquatera, will examine the overall market value of the inclusion of ocean energy in European energy systems. On the path towards meeting European and global emissions and renewable generation targets, a key challenge is maintaining a secure, reliable electricity supply with high penetration of renewable generation. EVOLVE will model future energy generation, supply and demand scenarios to evaluate whether, and if so where and how, ocean energy can make a significant positive and profitable contribution to future energy systems as a secure, clean and efficient source of energy. An iterative stakeholder engagement programme, including policy makers, regulators, system operators and investors, will ensure that the results are relevant and useful.


For further information please contact:
Karen Fraser, OCEANERA-NET COFUND Coordinator, Scottish Enterprise
Email: karen.fraser@scotent.co.uk
Web: https://www.oceancofund.eu/