COMSA is on the track for the next NZEBuildings


Summer 2018

The innovation unit of COMSA Corporación is focused on developing NZEBs in the tertiary building sector based on R&D advances in Geothermal, Photovoltaic and Energy Management Systems. Some of the projects it is engaged in following this strategy are:

Current smart-grids lack low-cost, reliable solutions that engage the vast Demand Response potential of end users. DRIvE will develop and validate a fully-integrated ICT infrastructure consisting of interoperable DR-enabling Energy Management solutions for residential and tertiary buildings and a platform for effective and secure management of flexibility in the distribution grid, able to unlock and exploit the DR potential of the distribution grid. DRIvE builds on the work of previous EU projects and will align with and extend the Universal Smart Energy Framework (USEF), supporting all market phases (Plan & Validate and Operate).

GEOFIT is aimed at the the technical development and deployment of cost effective enhanced geothermal systems (EGS) for energy efficient building retrofits and its components. Innovations include: low-invasive risk assessment technologies, site-inspection and worksite building monitoring techniques, control systems for cost-effective and optimized EGS in the operation phase and novel BIM-enabled dedicated tools for management of geothermal based retrofitting works. The project includes the application of tailored drilling techniques such as improved low-invasive vertical drilling and trenchless technologies.

GEOT€CH aims to enhance greater utilization of renewable heating and cooling using shallow geothermal systems through innovative drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies that are significantly more cost-effective, affordable and efficient than current technology. For new large-size buildings, GEOT€CH removes the costs associated with drilling boreholes through the thermo-activation of the foundation structures such as piles, screen walls and basement slabs. GEOT€CH develops optimized hybrid solutions that integrates two different geothermal systems in small and large buildings market. The optimization of geothermal system operation is achieved through the Energy Management System and the development of a dual source heat pump (ground/air sources).

HYBUILD will develop two innovative hybrid storage concepts that will be installed and monitored in three different demo sites in near-life operation: a Mediterranean system designed for optimal cooling, and a Continental system designed for heating and DHW production. The hybrid storage concepts include both renewable thermal and electrical components, balanced through seamlessly integrated compression and adsorption heat pumps, managed by an advanced building energy management systems (BEMS) that considers both building and district level needs. Energy savings of between 20% and 40% annually are acheivable for both designs.

LIFE BIPV aims to foster the development and demonstration of organic photovoltaic (OPV) technology to be integrated in façades of new and refurbished buildings.

The main objectives of LIFE BIPV are the demonstration of a significant reduction in CO2 emissions (-34%) and carbon footprint (-50%), and the validation of the economic feasibility of the BIPV system considering the Levelised Cost Of Electricity (LCOE) at the demonstration scale (0.30-0.36€/kWh). The project aims to improve awareness towards the sustainability of OPV systems in nZEBs and to reinforce its replicability for the construction sector and others (i.e. automotive, street installations).

All projects are partially funded by the European Commission

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