HPGPG project - High Performance Green Port Giurgiu


Summer 2019

The partners ILR Logistica Romania (private company), Giurgiu Municipality and S.C. Administratia Zonei Libere Giurgiu (both public companies) are working on the successful realization of the EUproject "High Performance Green Port Giurgiu". The global main objective of this EU-funded project is to transform the port of Giurgiu into the first efficient green port on the Danube.

The central part of the project is the construction of the first tri-modal logistics center on the Lower Danube with a fully covered ship berth, in which trucks, wagons and ships can be loaded and unloaded independent of the weather. This ensures a quality-assured transshipment of high-class industrial goods like steel or automotive components. A connection to the public railway and the rehabilitation of the access roads inside the port area are necessary for the usage of the logistics center. The overall project budget is about 15.5 million euros and is funded with 85 % by the European Union.

The construction phase is fully in progress. A first milestone was achieved last year with the connection of the future tri-modal logistics center to the public railway. This newly built railway track has a length of about 740 meters and had a construction period of about 7 months.

Furthermore, a cofferdam was built to protect the site from the water of the Danube and to keep it dry during the construction phase. In order to reach the proper construction level of 21 meters, the land had to be filled up with bulk material. This was necessary in order to protect the logistics center against future high water.

In 2020 operation in this most modern logistics center in Southeastern Europe will start. It offers companies a perfect logistical infrastructure. An increase of the annual capacity of the port from current 135.000 tons in 2018 to 300.000 tons in 2026 is then possible. Next to savings in transport handling and transit time, the new port will also reduce CO2 emissions and will create new jobs in the Giurgiu region.

The importance of this project for Europe was demonstrated at the last CEF conference in Bucharest in March 2019, where the CEO of ILR Logistica Romania gave an opening speech in the panel “How to make the Rhine-Danube and the Orient/East-Mid corridors fully multimodal corridors”.



For more information about the project, please visit the following website:
Website: www.ilr.com.ro/projects/high-performance-green-port-giurgiu.html