The EIRIE Platform launched from the Horizon 2020 PANTERA project consortium


Summer 2021

The Horizon 2020 PANTERA project consortium is delighted to announce the launch of the EIRIE platform, an interactive multi-functional platform that stands for European Interconnection for Research Innovation & Entrepreneurship.

The key objective of the EIRIE platform is to connect and bring together the European Union's Research & Innovation community in one place, to enable collaboration, increase wider interest and give access to all the resources needed to play an active role within the European research community.

The EIRIE platform aims at strengthening the participation of all Member States in support of the fifth pillar of the Energy Union (Research, Innovation and Competitiveness) and energy transition mentioned in "A Framework Strategy for a Resilient Energy Union with a Forward-Looking Climate Change Policy". Workshops, at pan-European as well as regional level have been organised, interviews and research have been conducted to ensure the platform would effectively answer to the needs of the Research & Innovation community in the energy sector in Europe.

Through the EIRIE platform, we are bridging the gaps that currently exist in the energy field in Europe between Member States, by bringing together data, information, knowledge and the lessons learned from successful partnerships being national, regional or European. The platform users will get an easy access to information on potential funding and consortium building, projects data collection (results and outcomes, best practices, reports and deliverables, etc.), references to standards and regulations, all of these searchable via an easy-to-use search tool.

Alignment and collaborative work are key for creating the pan-European modus operandi envisioned in the design and operation of EIRIE. It is with the feedback and continuous support of relevant stakeholders and their active participation, along with national, international and EU platforms and initiatives, H2020, Horizon Europe, national and international projects that the EIRIE platform aims to become a reference access point.

Furthermore, to ensure the success and sustainability of the platform, we are working closely with JRC (EC Joint Research Centre), under the guidance of DG Energy of the European Commission, to develop EIRIE as a linked extension of their Smart Energy Systems platform. The platform will also be serving the needs of ETIP SNET (ETIP Smart Networks for Energy Transition) and be in close collaboration with wellknown platforms in Europe such as the ERA-Net SES (ERA-Net Smart Energy Systems), DERlab and Mission Innovation.


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