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6-8 November 2018 | Vienna, Austria

European Utility Week champions the interests of the smart energy sector and performs a vital role in
bringing together more top-level energy professionals than any other event.

The 3-day programme offers content for all key stakeholders and takes on a leading role in facilitating
the shift towards clean, efficient and smart energy in Europe.

      Digitalisation                     Low Carbon
Bringing into focus key technologies
       underpinning the smart         Offering a detailed roadmap
            energy transition             transitioning towards
                                           a low-carbon future

   Energy Markets                                Initiate!

Showcasing the future of energy            Where start-ups, young energy
    trading, price drivers and        professionals and those at the forefront
        the market design
                                       of the smart energy revolution share
                                                 ideas and inventions

Join us during the most prestigious energy event in Europe.
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