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Autumn 2022 European Energy Innovation
                                                                                         CONTENTS       3

            Contents                         6 EUSEW programme

                                             8 Finally energy efficiency gets the
                                             credit it deserves
                                             Morten Helveg Petersen, Renew
                                      AUTUMN 2022
                                             Europe, Vice-chair of the
                                             Committee on Industry, Research
               european                      and Energy
                Connecting Europe’s Stakeholders in Energy and Transport  12 Integrating solar energy into the
                                             Europe’s build environment
              EU SUSTAINABLE                 Sean Kelly, MEP
              ENERGY WEEK
              REPOWEREU                      16 A new policy context for assessing
                                             biogas and biomethane                                       8
              RENEWABLES                     Peter Zeniewski, Energy Analyst at
              RAW MATERIALS                  International Energy Agency (IEA)
                                             20 Climate, energy and system crises:
                                             an urgent call for embracing sobriety
                                             Adel El Gammal, Secretary General
                                             of the European Energy Research
             Includes editorial contributions from:
                 Morten Helveg Petersen  Karima Delli  Sean Kelly
                 MEP       MEP      MEP      Alliance (EERA)
                                             26 Energy prices, supply concerns &
                                             decarbonisation: how to square the
              The publishers of European Energy   circle?
              Innovation would like to offer their   Kristian Ruby, Eurelectric
              sincere thanks to all individuals and   Secretary General
              organisations who have contributed
              editorial images photos and illustrations   34 High energy prices – how
              to the magazine. Whilst every effort   municipalities are alleviating energy
              has been made to ensure accuracy   poverty
              of the content, the publishers of                                                         20
              European Energy Innovation accept no   Arthur Hinsch, Sustainable
              responsibility for errors or omissions.   Resources, Climate and Resilience
                                             Officer, ICLEI Europe
              The contents of European Energy
              Innovation are protected by copyright.  36 CO  emissions of light-duty
              All rights reserved.           vehicles: no time to waste
                                             Karima Delli, MEP
              European Energy Innovation is published
              by: Prologue Media Ltd         40 Renewable heat: Is it rocket
              1a Shire Lane,                 science? How Upper Austria is
              Chorleywood,                   tackling the clean heatTransition
              Hertfordshire WD3 5NQ,
              United Kingdom                 Christiane Egger and Megan Gignac,
                                             OÖ Energiesparverband, Upper
              Tel: +44 1923 286238           Austria
                                             44 Enabling Europe’s energy
              Editor                         transition – solving the critical raw
              Michael Edmund
      materials challenge                                   26
                                             Harry Boyd-Carpenter, Managing
              Business Development Director   Director, Climate Strategy and
              Philip Beausire                Delivery, EBRD
                                                                              52 Breaking down silos to unlock the
                                             46 Using the European Parliament’s
              Director of Communications                                      energy transition
              Sophia Silvert                 recent support of innovative     Dr Vicky Stratigaki of Ghent
              Mob: +32 4737 30322            renewables to transform the energy   University in Belgium; Professor
      industry                    João Murta Pina, from NOVA
                                             Wolfram Sparber                  University of Lisbon, Portugal and
              Design & Production
                                                  Mr Carlo Battisti, Living Future
                                             50 Energy Efficient Mortgages to fund   Europe, Italy
              Website design                 the hope for a better future
                     Luca Bertalot, Secretary General   56 From smart city innovator to
                                             – European Mortgage Federation   climate neutral pioneer: what makes
              Print                          – European Covered Bond Council   Rotterdam a NetZeroCity?
              The Magazine Printing Company,    (EMF-ECBC) & EEMI Consortium   Schuyler Cowan, Communications
              Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom
                                             Coordinator                      Officer, ICLEI Europe

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