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Autumn 2022 European Energy Innovation
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                   ven as this Summer’s record   Meanwhile, Harry Boyd-Carpenter   stopping of new commercial ICE
                   temperatures and wildfi res   explores the explosion in demand   vehicles as soon as 2030, there is
                   scorched Europe and seared   for minerals associated with new RE   much to ponder here.
             Ethe words ‘climate change’     technologies and new infrastructure.
            even deeper into our collective   “Being green”, he says “goes hand in   And so to Morten Helveg Petersen’s
            consciousness, events in Ukraine   hand with supporting exploration for   discussion of Energy Effi ciency -
            have imparted a fresh sense of   and the extraction of those minerals.”   “so often the neglected stepchild
            urgency to our fi ght to stop the   To illustrate the issue, he shares the   of energy policy”, he says, because
            planet overheating. Russian      startling fact that China processes   insulation materials and thermostats
            weaponisation of gas has drawn   98% of the EU’s rare earth elements,   don’t offer as tangible a vision of
            predictably furious responses from   and goes on to discuss the activity of   progress as a 100 metre-tall wind
            those most reliant upon it – including   the EBRD in supporting novel mining   turbine. With 75 percent of Europe’s
            the scramble to fi ll reserves and   and electronic recycling projects to   buildings demonstrating poor energy
            fi nd alternative sources. With equally   reduce supply risk within the EU.  performance, we are simply allowing
            predictable effects on gas prices                                 energy to slip through our fi ngers. But
            in particular, and energy prices in   Seán Kelly MEP makes a welcome   Petersen counters by pointing out
            general as, with ghastly inevitability,   return to our pages, with a review of   that reduced electricity consumption
            a slow-motion economic tsunami   how  PV is being integrated into the   means less wasted energy; district
            bears down upon our interconnected   building stock. Kelly is at great pains   heating is more energy-effi cient than
            world of fi nely-tuned, just-in-time   to point out the solution must not   central heating; energy effi ciency
            consumer supply chains – “From   be more painful than the problem.   speeds the green transition; jobs
            German tomatoes to Swedish bread”,   Reminding us that buildings are   will be created in construction
            intones Bloomberg solemnly. For   responsible for 36% of Europe’s   and companies producing energy
            nothing can be grown, manufactured   emissions, and 40% of the energy it   effi ciency solutions.The case for
            or moved without Energy. And Winter   consumes, he warns that the Energy   Energy Effi ciency is based upon the
            is just around the corner. And the   Performance of Buildings Directive   familiar mantra that the greenest
            supermarket shelves still need to be   must acknowledge that imposing   energy is the energy we don’t use.
            replenished.                     obligations without providing    But Petersen provides a long list of
                                             suffi cient means to achieve standards   compellingly tangible benefi ts behind
            Morten Helveg Petersen sums up this   will simply increase inequality. He   those words.
            most pressing issue very succinctly.   sees rooftop solar power as an
            “Putin has reminded us all”, he says,   attractive option, especially if the   But perhaps the most signifi cant
            “that saving energy is the only quick   EPBD makes rooftop solar panels   consequence is weaning ourselves
            fi x around that immediately reduces   mandatory on new commercial and   off our dependence on a resource
            our dependency on his gas”. More on   public buildings, as well as new   for which are paying vast sums of
            Petersen’s excellent article later.  residential buildings by 2029.  money. Money that is used to fi nance
                                                                              genocidal war aims.
            Gas, then, something of a critical   We feature Transport with an article
            resource: so much the better, then, if   by Karima Delli MEP, who explores the   And there is much more for you to
            we can produce it from a renewable   thinking behind moves to regulate the   read inside…
            source. In this issue, the IEA assesses   emissions of light-duty road vehicles.
            biogas within a new policy context of   Given that transport is responsible
            RePowerEU - which envisions a 40%   for about 25% of CO  emissions in
            average annual growth in biomethane   the EU; and with its talk of phasing   Michael Edmund
            production over the next 7 years.   out ICE vehicles and the planned   Editor

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