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European Energy Innovation
                                                                               ENERGY EFFICIENCY        9

                                                                              transition cannot and should not be
                                                                              taken for granted.
                                                                              Finally, energy effi ciency will create
                                                                              lots of jobs in construction and
                                                                              companies producing solutions for
                                                                              energy effi ciency, providing a boost
                                                                              to economy. However, there is a risk
                                                                              of energy effi ciency being received
                                                                              counter intuitively across fi nance
                                                                              ministries in the Member States.
                                                                              Reduced energy consumption will,
                                                                              all else being equal, also mean
                                                                              less taxes, and that is an obstacle
                                                                              governments across Europe have to
                                                                              come to terms with, when developing
                                                                              national plans for energy effi ciency.

                                                                              In my opinion, the European
                                                                              Commission has done a good job
                                                                              so far in analysing the potential and
                                                                              mobilising funds for Europe’s energy
                                                                              savings. On one account, I see the
                                                                              Commission fall short though. The
                                                                              potential of district heating and
                                                                              cooling is not highly estimated,
                                                                              while recent research from Aalborg
                                                                              University in Denmark suggests that
                                                                              district heating could potentially cover
                                                                              as much as 50 percent of Europe,
                                                                              primarily in urban areas. Moving from
                                                                              central to district heating implies
                                                                              massive energy savings, and there are
                                                                              potential synergy effects available by
                                                                              integrating district heating with ptx
                                                                              production and utilise the surplus
                                                                              heat from the ptx facility.

                                                                              Nevertheless, energy effi ciency in
                                                                              Europe is in a somewhat good place,
                                                                              now that Putin has reminded us all of
                                                                              energy savings being the only quick
                                                                              fi x around that immediately reduces
                                                                              our dependency on his gas. ●

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