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Autumn 2022 European Energy Innovation
               12    SOLAR EPBD

              Integrating solar energy into

              Europe's build environment

            By Sean Kelly, MEP (pictured)

            Renovation of the EU’s building stock is a key Green Deal priority, but since this designation, the
            landscape in Europe has changed. We have faced, and overcome, the worst pandemic in 100
            years, the economic consequences of which will have lasting implications, but also a war on our
            doorstep that has fundamentally changed the trajectory of the energy transition and caused a
            crisis in security of our energy supply.

                    his has caused inflation   meantime we must do everything we   approach from the international
                    to skyrocket and soaring   can to mitigate the effects of the crisis.   community.
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            Tsignificantly affecting millions   However, in reacting to the crisis   Climate change on the other hand
            of EU citizens, business and the   we must trade one dependency for   has not gone away; it poses an
            economy more broadly. We have to   another. The war poses an immediate   existential problem for the human
            face the reality that things may get   an acute danger that will require   race and the effects are plain
            worse before they get better, but in the   a comprehensive and cooperative   to see. One only has to look at

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